Stretcher Ferno #9

To be used with ARGO Frame Assembly. Cannot be used with Suspension Seats or Handrails.

Fold Down Light Bar

Support structure that provides users with option of adding one revolving light (Whelen L31 red beacon – 850-305) and two spotlights (Whelen PAR 23 LED spotlights – 850-307) in order to aid visibility due to rain, fog, dust, or snow. Note Requires mounting bracket 850-306.

Emergency Lighting Package

A multitude of options to light up your Responder vehicle. Choose from red and white perimeter strobe lighting, overhead spot lights, front mounted siren/speaker & strobe. All lighting is LED to reduce electrical load.

Fire Skid/Foam Unit

Custom designed to fit into the rear compartment of any 8×8 Frontier or Avenger, the 80 gal. (303 L) fire suppression unit holds 75 gal. (284 L) of water plus a  5 gal. (19 L) foam cell. Packaged with a Honda engine, two-stage CET centrifugal pump, 100 ft. (30.5 m) of  hose and forestry nozzle.

Cab Heater

Driver and passenger cab heater option comes complete with defrost vents and side vents.

Canvas Sides

Protects driver, passenger and cargo from outdoor elements. Features removable sides and doors, allowing easy access to the rear cargo compartment area. Requires windshield, ROPS and hard top.